Fastest Ever New Booking Form

For those of you who came to see us at the Private Hire and Taxi exhibition in Manchester this year, you may have been lucky enough to have a sneak preview of our brand new booking form prototype. We had some more developments to work on before releasing this feature, but now the time is coming!

Our existing booking form has every functionality you might need, including customisable extras and bespoke custom fields (which can be added to your general new booking form or per account). However, having so many options can slow you down. Dispatch offices who are busy with the phone ringing off the hook simply want to create and dispatch a booking within seconds. The rest of the information may not apply to every office.

With speed and simplicity as our aim, we’ve been working with real users to create the fastest ever new booking form. It makes sure you only enter the information relevant to that booking, ignoring everything else. This means your booking screen is clean and uncluttered, and the shortcuts help you call up the details you need in seconds.

The system will still remember the details of previous customers and call up their information with caller ID, and lets you dispatch manually or automatically to the best driver.

With only weeks until we launch our new booking form, we’re getting really excited! The old version will still be there to use, but you’ll have the chance to choose which one suits your business the best. We look forward to your feedback, as always.

Bryony, CEO

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