We’ve Been Listening.

We always take your feedback on board at T Dispatch, and we’re bringing you even more exciting updates and improvements over the next month. Here’s what you can look out for.

New Driver App + Status

We admit it. Until now, the driver app hasn’t been the best feature in T Dispatch. But we’re turning that around and launching a brand new driver app for the New Year! Your controllers can already update the driver status manually: on way to job, arrived & waiting, passenger on board… when the drivers can do this themselves, won’t life will be much more simple?

Improved Location Search

We’ve heard that there could be some improvements on our location search in rural areas, so that’s something we’re looking into thoroughly. If you’ve experienced any issues where your preferred location searches don’t come up, please email support@tdispatch.com with details of your search. In the meantime, you can add unlimited places in ‘Frequent Locations’ so that they automatically come up in your searches.

Account Billing and Invoicing

At the moment, we have a ‘filter’ function to generate reports; you can search by date, by account, driver or location. But in January, that gets even better. You’ll be able to bill accounts and send VAT invoices from inside the account profile at the click of a button, without having to worry about the calculations.

Auto Dispatch

This is something we held off on until we got demand; it’s something only very large or busy fleets will need. But as a New Year Gift, you’ll have the option to either auto-dispatch, or send bookings manually by clicking on the driver’s name.

Phew! That’s not all, but I think it’s enough to keep everyone busy for now. We’re also working on a more comprehensive User Guide, so your controllers will know the system inside out.

As always, we’re online to hear your suggestions; the fastest route is by emailing support@tdispatch.com, so the right ears hear you!

Happy dispatching,

CEO, T Dispatch

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