T Dispatch 2.0 – What Does it Mean for Me?

As a user of T Dispatch Pro, we wanted to let you know about the changeover to T Dispatch 2.0 – the new generation of our dispatch system – and what that means for you.

From August 8th onwards, you will have the option to switch over to the new platform. It’s been designed with a new interface for a better overview, a highly advanced address search and improved speed and stability. We also built it with a global focus in mind; it’s able to support any number of users and drivers without slowing down.

Please note, not all the features in your current account will be immediately available on launch day; more will be added in the following weeks. If you prefer to remain on the current system, you may do so until October 2014.

From 8th August, 2.0 will include:

  • -Multiple price tariffs & plots

  • -Full booking list with filters

  • -CRM (Business & personal accounts)

  • -Auto-dispatch (to nearest driver)

  • -Dispatch window with driver ETA (manual dispatch)

  • -Vehicles types with friendly labels

  • -Connection to your booking apps/website

  • -Unlimited drivers

  • -Basic reporting (.csv export)

In the following weeks more features will be added, such as multiple controller/dispatcher logins, email notifications and advanced reporting. We’re also working on driver queues and a new VOiP phone integration for a complete service.

So, to summarize:

  • -T Dispatch 2.0 launches on 8th August. This will replace the existing Pro platform.

  • -As an existing client, you maintain the right to use the current platform until October 2014, or to switch over any time until then.

  • -TD 2.0 will not yet include all the Pro features; these will steadily be released from August onwards.

The changes happening are all in the background, so don’t worry – there’s no action required on your end. We do ask for your vigilance during the transition; if you notice any performance issues or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

P.S… For updates on T Dispatch technical news, follow us on twitter.com/TDispatchDev