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So, you might have noticed some more updates in T Dispatch over the last few weeks; we have lots more in the pipeline too!


We’re adding clean, modern designs that will enhance usability for you and your team.

One of the latest changes is the list of icons on the left. You’ll now find ‘+ New Booking’ at the top in blue, and this news blog (which you may have already have discovered if you’re reading this!) is now further down. Just hover your mouse over each icon to see what it represents.


Now you can post your questions and queries on our support page, which you’ll see on the left (the blue ‘i’ icon). As well as posting your own issues, you can comment on others too – perhaps you already know the answer!

We want to encourage users to communicate with us and each other to ensure you’re making the most of T Dispatch.


You can send free messages between the office, driver and passenger. Just select the relevant booking from your bookings list, and you’ll see ‘Messages’ in the menu on the left. This logs a history of all communication.

To send a free message, just type in the box and hit ‘enter’. The passenger needs an online account to use this function (your booking site integrated with T Dispatch), or an app (ours will be released in the New Year). Otherwise, click ‘Send SMS’. The driver will receive free messages in their app; if they don’t have a smartphone, ‘Send SMS’ instead.

Driver Status

We’ve been working on driver statuses, so you know exactly who is available and when. Soon you’ll see an update in the driver app, but for now only the controllers can update this.

Inside the booking, click ‘status’ in the menu on the left.
(NB: This option will only appear after you have dispatched the booking to a driver.)
Here you can see the various stages of the booking. It’s a bit of a tease as we haven’t yet finalised this feature, but soon you’ll be able to take full advantage of it.

Remember, if you have any questions about these updates, post your comment in the ‘Support‘ section!


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