Solid Foundations

Do you ever find that you have so many ideas, it’s hard to know what to do first? That’s a bit how the creators of T Dispatch feel! We’ve got great plans for our system, but the most important thing to us is the satisfaction of our users.

What Clients Want

When we ask fleets what they look for in a dispatch system, the answer is usually the same: reliability. That’s why we’ve made it our primary focus.

Yesterday we updated the system with some major improvements to dispatching bookings, making the connection to your drivers something you can depend on. With careful analysis of the programming code, we’ve found a way to make the entire system more stable, one feature at a time. Although this means we’ll need to put new feature development aside for a month, it means each of our clients can rest assured they’ll have solid foundations to build their business on.

One Step Ahead

In the past, a dispatch system was a fixed package. Although that could be reliable, there was no flexibility to be customised for your business needs. Because T Dispatch is web-based, we can continue improving and updating as the market grows and changes. Who knows – next we might be booking cabs with Google glasses… and we’ll be ready for integration!

Over the next weeks, you’ll notice your T Dispatch system and apps becoming faster, more stable and more satisfying. Because we want you to love the system as much as we do.

Happy dispatching,


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