Server Disruption – Are You Backed Up?

During the last 72 hours, there has been repeated server disruption to T Dispatch Pro, causing the system to become slow or stuck on ‘loading’. We apologise to those clients who have been affected. Please note, this issue is not affecting any TD Light accounts.

There are some steps you can take to ensure your booking information is secure and accessible at all times.

Google Drive Back Up

We advise clients to use a gmail account to automatically back up bookings. This can be set up in Preferences > Settings, and is detailed in the User Guide.

The ‘Google Drive User ID’ is your gmail username ( This function is connected to your Chrome browser and will allow you to open and store an unlimited amount of files and reports in the Cloud. To accept the Google Drive request, you need to log in to your inbox and click the link sent to you via email.

Once Google Drive is enabled, the backup option becomes available. This can be used to synchronise all the bookings for today, tomorrow and the day after to the Drive. When the Drive is enabled as an offline application, it will also be saved automatically in the offline tray, which you can save onto your desktop. The updates are scheduled every 4 hours to keep the data current.

Moving Over to T Dispatch 2.0

The server issues have been caused by rapidly increased traffic through T Dispatch, with user numbers growing all the time. Our new platform, T Dispatch 2.0, is built to accommodate global scaling, so this will not be an issue.

We are gradually releasing more features into TD Light, which already uses 2.0 infrastructure. From today, you can Beta test extended pricing tariffs there. We also released the CRM feature, allowing you to create personal accounts and businesses (coming soon).

Contact us about migrating over to the 2.0 platform – for fast, reliable dispatch across the world.

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