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You may have noticed a while ago that we added an ‘opt in’ tick box to the SMS settings inside your system preferences. This was to ensure the service would only be used by clients who intended to do so, whereas others might like to keep to email notifications (the free alternative).

All SMS goes through a 3rd party provider, so while we keep a close eye to ensure they provide the best service possible, we don’t have complete control over it. We are working towards a solution to enable any text message provider to integrate with T Dispatch, so our clients can choose a reliable service who cover their locality well. Being a worldwide business, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution!

Up till now, we’ve been pretty lenient on charging for this service – especially when fleets in certain localities experienced coverage issues. That’s why we’ve now added the ‘opt in’ option and it’s not a compulsory feature. From now on, text messages will be billed at the advertised rates of €0.02 per message to every user who has opted in.

As a 3rd party optional service, this is one of the only fees not included in your T Dispatch subscription. By opting in, you agree to be billed for your usage on the card registered for your monthly payments (see our Terms and Conditions for more details).

Next on our plan is to introduce push notifications, so smart phone users won’t even need SMS notifications!

Happy dispatching,


CEO, T Dispatch

*UPDATE: You can now connect to any SMS provider. The documentation can be found here, for any developers carrying out this work: https://github.com/TDispatch/fleet-api/wiki/Webhooks

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