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It’s been a busy summer here at T Dispatch HQ: time for an update!

Brand New Prices

Nobody wants to pay over the odds, so we’ve come up with a great new pricing model.
Now, subscription to T Dispatch is from just £25 per month, which includes 3 driver logins. Additional drivers start from £0.05 each per hour. With this structure, you only pay for what you use – not a penny more!

Driver Login

To log into their app, drivers will now just need a username and password (no more of this ‘token’ malarkey!).

NB: The Android store updates apps instantly, but iPhone apps takes a little longer. Drivers using iPhones will receive updates a several days after Android users.

We’re soon releasing a section just for drivers, where they can update their information in your system.

Setting Your Rates

You’ll now find ‘Pricing’ inside ‘Preferences > Settings’. Only controllers with ‘Office Manager’ permissions can access and edit this information. Here you can set your rates, including any premiums and fixed-rate journeys.


Plots are zones or areas where you can create in any shape or size area on a map. As well as allocating a bespoke price to plots, you can now set fixed prices from plot to plot. We’re already developing the function to allocate drivers to plots, so look out for this feature.

Tune In Next Week…

We’re happy to be introducing our ‘driver status’ to bookings. You’ll be able to see if the driver is on their way to a job, waiting, with a passenger on board or about to drop their passenger. Great, huh?

Happy booking,

The T Dispatch Team

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