Maps & Location Search Feedback

The update we did last week was a big one, and did not go unnoticed. We would have liked to have given more notice before this change, but unfortunately were limited by the licence type and had to whizz two months earlier than scheduled!

Since Friday we have been collecting feedback from all our active users; a few of you love it, in particular the interface and Foursquare search. Others have experienced problems with areas not covered as well as they were before, or frequent locations not showing as they were before. We apologize to those accounts which were affected.

At this point, all frequent locations have been reinstalled to show correctly in your search results, and we’ve added additional databases of airports worldwide and UK rail stations, as a back up for any which weren’t displaying in the right format. We can also add other data if you have access to local address CSV files, especially those of you in more remote areas.

Today we have merged ‘enter’ with ‘shift+enter’ so normal addresses and UK postcodes will be searched simultaneously; for now, please continue using ‘ctrl+enter’ for Foursquare results.

We’ll continue to improve our location search, so you’ll notice better speed and results over the next few days. And if you’ve had experience with other recommended location search or mapping solutions, please let us know!

Happy dispatching,


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