Getting Up to Speed

We had another T Dispatch update this week, solving many of the issues that had been brought to our attention. We always try to test as vigorously as we can, but some of those little bugs do manage to creep through! We’ve also improved the speed of the system over the past weeks, so you should find your pages load even faster.

New Bookings List

You’ll notice there’s a new interface on the bookings list; now you can see your jobs in a single-lined view (showing more jobs on your screen at once), or as a wide view to see all the information. You can still use the search or calendar at the top to find specific bookings, and sort them in any order you like. The booking status is now determined by the coloured bar on the left, plus it’s stated in the final column. You can select the booking statuses you want in your list by clicking ‘booking filter’ and ticking the relevant boxes.

We’ll be updating the User Guide with these new updates, so please let us know if you’d like a new copy. We’ll send one over as an email attachment.

Sending Jobs to Drivers

If a job ever fails to get to the driver’s phone, the controller will now be alerted so they can resend. You’ll see a message bar above the notifications, showing 3 stages: Sending, Received and Confirmed (by the driver). This update is live in Android phones today, and we’re waiting for the iStore to approve so that iPhone users can benefit too. This will make sure no bookings get lost in the ether when there are connection problems with mobile phones.

We’ll be adding more things to the ‘Upcoming’ section of this blog, so watch out for new improvements to come!

Happy dispatching,


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