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Our API is one of the most advanced and adaptable you’ll find today. Our vision is for the technology our team creates to be the start of something big. Because our source code is open, it’s up to you how you use it. The possibilities are limitless.

Open APIs

Connect to any software, booking app, website or CRM

Our APIs can connect to any other software, whether it’s a booking app or website, a CRM, database or quotation website. If your customer would benefit from a simple taxi booking interface, get in touch with us to explore the possibilities. We’re always excited to hear about creative ways our system can be put to use. We’ll also run hackathons to encourage innovative mashups. Visit our blog or contact one of our team members for updates on this.

Passenger API

  • Pickup and drop off locations
  • Free customization

Our passenger API provides everything you need to receive pick-up locations, drop-off destinations and passenger details. The beauty of using our API is that you’re free to customize, asking for as much or as little information as you like; we won’t force a cluttered interface on you!

Fleet API

Broad integration opportunities

Opening up our fully-featured dispatching solution means that anyone can integrate with T Dispatch – not just fleets. Hotel concierges can book a cab for guests at the click of a button. Train companies and airlines can integrate the T Dispatch platform into their own websites, allowing passengers to book a cab to collect them so they’re not left stranded on arrival.

Open Source

  • White label made for full customization
  • Payment website solution

Our PHP website and booking apps have been developed as white label solutions and can be customised to reflect your brand and livery. You can also easily integrate your existing payment solution into the website.


  • Technical documentation
  • Code downloading

If you want to find out more about our API, its capabilities and get some guidance on how to connect your project, you can find technical documentation on GitHub. Our wiki is constantly evolving to reflect new features we develop, so keep coming back for updates. If you are working for a T Dispatch fleet, you can also download the source code to our PHP booking website and customer facing apps for both Android and iOS. Review the licence, read the documentation and download the code straight from the repository.