Auto Dispatch

In T Dispatch, there are two main ways to dispatch jobs to drivers; manually, or automatically. The manual dispatch, which was our first released feature, shows you which driver is nearest to the pick up, and you click their name to send the job to their phone. However, if you wanted to send to another driver, such as one who has been waiting longer, you simply select their name from the list.

Auto Dispatch is an important feature for larger cab firms, or those without a full time controller to operate the phones. We’re developing our auto dispatch with the most intelligent algorithms, giving you more options.

  1. To the nearest driver. This finds the nearest available driver with the correct vehicle for the booking.

  2. Driver’s Queue. This allows you to allocate drivers to plots, which you have already created in Preferences > Plots. The drivers will be put into a queue or rank, based on who arrives there first. The jobs are sent in order of the queue.

  3. Optimised. This uses a combination of the dispatching options to find the best matched drivers for the job; this will later be customisable, and will be the final option released.


Auto Dispatch is currently in beta phase, which means that the function is built and it’s being tested in-house. We’re also accepting volunteers to test this feature with real fleets.

This feature will be live and available for all clients to use in May 2013.