Who Puts the ‘T’ in T Dispatch?

We’re often asked what the ‘T’ stands for in ‘T Dispatch. The funny thing is, T Dispatch was never intended to be the final company name. In the early days, our original founder started toying with the idea of a dispatching system as a side project with two colleagues, whilst working on web development projects for a number of clients in different industries . ‘T Dispatch’ was suggested as a working title – something to refer to as we conceptualised further. But somehow, things happened so quickly with the development of our startup that the name stuck!

Because we started out with taxi cabs, the obvious answer would be that ‘T’ stands for ‘taxi’. And it can. But it’s even more than that; we were already thinking bigger. ‘T’ is also for transportation, for travel, traffic, transit, transfers, trucking… you can see why we were so drawn to this letter!


Taxi, transport or travel?

Where it All Began

We had been working on websites for a few taxi and private hire operators since 2009, and in 2010 launched our own virtual taxi booking website for the Greater London area. People loved the concept of being able to book a cab online, but we experienced several issues with the quality and reliability of the service providers. It’s no easy feat to build a trustworthy consumer brand with no control over the supply network! That’s when we decided to investigate, getting to the root of the problem; and we found it. Many small to medium sized minicab companies were not using any kind of dispatch system, because it was still only offered as an expensive hardware installation. This meant it was difficult for them to streamline their processes and keep things running efficiently. Then… “ta da”! The idea for a cloud dispatch system, in the form of software as a service, was born.

I will admit that I had my hesitations about our company name at first; I often needed to repeat it when somebody asks, or spell it out. But these days, I appreciate the real value of not using the word ‘taxi’ in our name. It gives us so much more scope to branch out into other sectors; we service not only taxi fleets, but also limousine and private hire operators, which use totally different business models. We are working with corporate fleets and deliveries, remote workers and some truly innovative on-demand services. Fleet management and smart mobility are hot topics on everyone’s lips – and we are glad to be in the centre of it.