How to Add Drivers to your Dispatch System

One of the most common things our potential clients want to know is how to add drivers to their dispatch system. Since driver’s have their own profile, the connection works similarly to a Facebook request; either the fleet sends a request to the driver, or vice versa. Here’s a breakdown for you.

Steps for the Driver

1. Create a profile at This is the signup. They will be asked to create a username and password.

2. They must add a vehicle and join your fleet. Otherwise they are not linked to your account and cannot receive jobs. Joining a fleet sends a request, like a Facebook friend request.

3. Log in to the driver app using the username and password you created for your profile.


Driver signup form

Steps for the Fleet

1. Login to your T Dispatch account, go to the drivers page and accept the pending request – like accepting a friend request. This links the driver to your fleet so they can start receiving jobs.

2. OR, type the driver’s username in the search box to send them a request.

Once these steps are complete, the driver’s name will show up in your list of drivers when  they are logged in and available for jobs.

And here’s some good news – this month we’re launching complete fleet management inside the driver app, so drivers will no longer need to visit the website! They will be able to add or remove vehicles, update their profile information and join or leave fleets from within the T Dispatch driver app. Cool, huh?