New Year, New Fleet Management System

First things first: we’d like to wish everyone a very happy new year! The celebratory fireworks have finally subsided in Berlin, and life in London is back to normal after a leisurely holiday season.

Now that the busy peak for limo and cab companies is dying down, many transportation companies are starting to think about their fleet management systems, and whether or not it’s a good time to update them. Whether you’re currently using a hardware installation to manage your drivers or simply radios and post-it notes, we’re here to give you a few tips about upgrading.


1. Make sure the price is right.

It’s important not to go for the first solution you see; the prices for fleet management systems vary greatly, depending on the capabilities. You know your company’s budget, so look for something that won’t leave you out of pocket.

T Dispatch is introducing a new, alternative price option, allowing fleets to pay per booking instead of per driver. This is great for companies who generate many leads, but distribute them across a wide network of drivers.


2. Define your requirements.

It’s all very well if a system has all the bells and whistles – and even knows what your drivers had for breakfast… But do you really need all that? Before getting lost in a sea of features and functionalities, define what it is that you want from a fleet management system, and then see if your choice of provider fits the bill. Perhaps you just want to be able to receive email bookings, and dispatch them out manually. Or maybe you need a specific pricing tariff to comply with local regulations. Once you know your real needs, it’s much easier to stay on track.


3. Know your customers.

Do you serve corporate clients, tourists or residents? Do they need VAT receipts sent by email, or just a text to say their driver is on the way? When you know what your client wants, you can make the right choice when choosing your fleet management system. Listen to their feedback and use your software solution to keep customers happy. It’s the only way to guarantee repeat business!


4. Look to the future.

Your system might do the job now, but how flexible is it to work with new technologies? These days, many passengers like to book via an app on their smartphone, through a website or an affiliate. You may get new jobs from other lead generators too. Secure your business for the future by choosing a software that will support you in years to come, as technology advances and client expectations change. Making a smart choice could save you having to update again next year!


Whatever you decide, we hope you have a successful and prosperous 2015.

Happy dispatching.