New Updates, New Website

Driver iPhone Update

As you may have heard, we released the brand new driver app for Android 1 month ago, which included a feature to show you the driver’s status.

Rather than just updating small aspects of the old app, we released a completely new version into the Google Play store. To get the new version, make sure you’ve uninstalled the old app first, then download the new one for free. You can use the same driver login details you had before.

To match the Android update, our new iPhone App for Drivers is now available in the app store, replacing the old version. It’s free to download and it will overwrite your old driver app. There are more updates coming next week too.

The new Driver app for iPhone offers additional features and improved functionality, so we recommend everyone who’s using T Dispatch, or interested in trying us out, to install it. Just search for ‘T Dispatch’ in the app store.


Some users of T Dispatch wanted more from maps, so we’ve added extra views. Now you can monitor your drivers and see what stage of the booking they’re at, you can see all your booking pick-up points, and you can see which plots you’ve created (you set these inside ‘Preferences’). If you want to see more information displayed, just select from the list on the left or click the icon you want to see.

We’re currently making some improvements to our live vehicle tracking, which allows your to follow your logged in drivers on the map. If you experience any kind of disruption to this function, please let us know and we’ll resolve it as soon as we can.

P.S… Have You Seen Our New Website?

It’s been almost a year since T Dispatch was introduced to the world, so we’ve decided it’s time for an update. Now T Dispatch brings you a fresh new look, plus all you need to know about the company.

We’ve included details about the great features of our dispatch system, and will also point you in the right direction for recommended hardware and partners who could benefit your company. We’re adding new content all the time, so watch this space.

Happy dispatching,