New Support Forum

As we grow, we look for new ways to manage our support – from reporting technical issues to leaving suggestions about what you’d like to see next. Because T Dispatch is a dynamic system, you see the improvements before your eyes with instant updates (that don’t cost you a penny).

From now on, when you click the info icon, you’ll be directed to our interactive support forum from User Voice. It contains a knowledge base of articles based on the Frequently Asked Questions we receive, helping you with everything from initial setup to more in depth use. You can also submit support tickets here, and someone from our friendly tech support team will get back to you personally. The suggestions wall is where you can post ideas on how we could improve the system and which features we should work on next. Either add your own suggestion or vote for an existing one, so we can see how much demand each idea has.

We hope this new support forum will help you use our system to its full potential, as well as shaping the software to become the ideal tool for your business.

Get involved and have your say!

Bryony, CEO