Update: New Maps & Location Search


In the next 24 hours, you’ll notice a change in the maps and address search within your Pro T Dispatch system. Up until now we’ve relied on Google maps, but due to certain limitations we’ve decided to implement a new solution.

These maps support certain remote areas better, and have lighter search widgets for faster speed. In future, you’ll even be able to choose your own interface.

Please note, the location search now supports the following shortcuts for searching results:

  • press ENTER for normal addresses
  • Shift+Enter for UK Postcodes
  • Ctrl+Enter for Foursquare results
  • This means that you now need to hit ‘Enter’ to bring up the list of search suggestions to choose from. Remember, you can also save shortcut labels by adding addresses to your ‘Frequent Locations’ to speed up the search process.

    We’ll now use this massive worldwide initiative that not only has a new look, but is also customizable. We integrated multiple sets of data, including Foursquare (a location based social network) and Open Street Maps (on recommendation). Anyone is free to visit https://www.openstreetmap.org/ to update or edit locations for even more accurate search results.

    If you experience any issues with the new maps, please contact support@tdispatch.com.

    The T Dispatch Team