What Our Clients Have to Say

T Dispatch has always been a company that works with user feedback to better our products and our service. And by jove, it’s working! Here are a few nice words we wanted to share with you.

“Your staff are efficient and easy to work with. The system is extremely easy to use and training staff couldn’t be easier, I’ve had three staff trained and working completely unsupervised within 1 hour of introducing the system to them.

The accuracy and location of points of pick ups and destinations better than any other system I’ve worked with. I like the regular updates and communications with the team.

By far best on the market; no gimmicks and best value for money.

Martin, MD of ASAPP Cars

“We are very pleased with your cloud based dispatching solution. Our fleet is highly optimized thanks to the increased configurability and dispatch methods that T Dispatch has built into the program, including the driver app at just a push of a button acceptance, the ability to set different tiers for pricing, plots and mileage. It comes with a full dashboard of dispatch methods for optimizing my fleet.

The platform has redundancy, advanced reporting capabilities, and a very flexible map system that includes Google maps for all points of interest and any stops that might be on the way to the final destination.

We will shortly be adding a booking app designed by T Dispatch to the equation with a payment gateway, which will save even more money on labour costs with customers being able to schedule and book their ride. T Dispatch customer service is the best; their technical team solves any issues we have at any hour of the day. We’re a long term T Dispatch customer and would recommend any company to partner with T Dispatch.”

 Sherry Ary, Eco Taxi


“I love what you guys have done so far…keep the quality coming.”


Khareem, Yelloh Rabbit


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We love to see the fruits of our labours. If you have something to tell us about our system, apps or customer service, we’d be happy to hear from you. Drop us a line on hello@tdispatch.com any time.