Tips for Drivers : Part 1

At T Dispatch we’re an inquisitive bunch. Whenever we take a cab, there’s nothing we like more than having a little chat with the driver. One thing we noticed is that some dashboards are looking like the window display in a mobile phone store with the amount of devices the drivers have to contend with! Using T Dispatch software you’re not burdened with a PDA for receiving jobs, a phone/radio to stay in contact with the office, a GPS device for navigation and a biscuit tin to put your nick nacks in. All you need to do is install our Driver App on your own phone and create your login.

Downloading the App

Our driver app is available for Android and iPhone (maybe later, Windows too). To fire up Google Play or the App Store, click in the store button on the desktop of your mobile device and enter “T Dispatch” in the search bar.

Driver App Apple Store

You’ll see our driver app come up in the results, so just click through to the install button. A message will pop up to confirm the installation; ‘accept’ and it will start the free download.

It’s a small file so shouldn’t take too long, but while you wait you can already get started on the next step.

Setting up Your Driver Profile

Before you can log in to the app on your phone, you’ll need to visit our driver website to register and create your login details. Start your browser (we always recommend Google Chrome) and head over to You’ll also find a handy link to “Driver Login” if you scroll down on our home page.

The button to sign up is in the top right corner, and you’ll be taken to a page where you provide all your basic information and create your account.

Driver App Blog

Pick a unique user name. T Dispatch is used all over the world; you can imagine how many people out there share the same name! But keep in mind that special characters (§#!+ etc.) or spaces aren’t accepted.

Once your account has been created you’re ready to add your vehicle and fleet, which we’ll cover in the next article.