Optimum Reliability

Note: Since this blog post was written, our server up time has increased to 100%!
– 14th October, 2013

Last month, We made a promise to our clients: to focus solely on reliability. Our goal was to deliver an online dispatch system as fast and stable as any hardware solution. Transport fleets depend on these tools to run their daily business, so it’s our responsibility to make this operation as smooth as possible!

So What’s Changed?

Behind the scenes, our software development team have been going over the system with a fine-toothed comb. They’ve been analysing code, optimising servers, making countless improvements and adjustments to the core functionality.

First, let’s look at system uptime; the most important factor for every user. In the last few weeks, we have increased this to an average of 99.99% uptime! That only leaves a few seconds where we’ve updated with improvements.Check out our stats:


And what about speed? With our server response time reduced to 0.66 seconds, you won’t waste a minute! We’ve divided the system into sections that run simultaneously, so your bookings won’t be slowed down by the heavy jobs, like generating reports.

We’re really happy to be making good on our promise to clients, and have a huge amount of gratitude to the ‘early adopters’ who have stuck by us since the start. It’s a great feeling to watch technology evolve!