Dispatch. Free. Forever.

It’s even taken us by surprise.

Thanks to the amazing support shown by taxi, minicab and limo firms over the last year while we developed our system, we’re now able to offer a completely free version of T Dispatch for up to 10 drivers!

It was late 2012 when we first entered the market with our innovative cloud-based solution. This was already a big step towards flexibility and cost savings for fleets, who previously only had access to expensive hardware installations. But now we’ve gone a step further, opening up our technology to anyone who needs it.

Our CEO Bryony Cooper commented, “We’ve been working hard to identify the core functionalities used by our clients, from solo professional drivers to large taxi fleets. These were combined to create a user-friendly, streamlined version of our system, which we call TD Light. For companies needing more advanced features we continue to offer our Pro version, with a seamless upgrade process.”


The brand new interface for dispatchers is ultra lightweight and fast (hence the name TD Light). We’ve fully integrated Google’s mapping tools for an improved, fast-speed address search, and redesigned the layout to give a complete overview of activity. Limo, minicab and taxi companies around the world will be able to create free accounts online on our signup page. With a limit of 10 drivers, companies will either use this as an introduction to the pro system or keep TD Light as their chosen dispatch solution.

Bryony went on to say, “We’re really excited to bring our advanced technology to new and smaller fleets, giving them entry-level access to a platform that will help improve their service and allow them to grow. We couldn’t have done this without the feedback and support of the driver and dispatcher community.”

So how about that?! If you sign up now, you can dispatch free forever.*


*NB: This offer runs until 31st March 2015. Any active accounts created before then will continue to have free access indefinitely. Inactive accounts (no login for 1 month +) may be closed.