Our Advanced Address Search

Great news, dispatchers!

After months of testing out different address search and map data, we’ve now combined the best of all of them to bring you a comprehensive location lookup – and it’s already live in our online dispatch system.

We return results from multiple databases including Google maps, UK postcodes, business addresses and places of interest. Those who have tried out our booking software will notice that routes calculating the distance from driver to pick up is now even more accurate, and search results are returned even faster.


We’re proud to be building one of the most extensive location databases worldwide. Of course, there are some remote corners of the globe we can’t quite reach yet with the information available to us, but with our manual entry database we can grow it day by day. Some of our loyal clients have even provided information offered by their local authorities to fill the gaps!

In the back end, we’ve developed a platform where we can locate unlisted addresses with longitude and latitude or by dropping a pin on the map. If you know of any new or recently changed addresses, just drop an email to support@tdispatch.com to let us know, and we’ll update our list.

Next up in line is the launch of our light interface in the Pro version of T Dispatch, giving the sleek and simple user experience our free users have had a taste of. Watch this space…