Our Fastest. Auto-dispatch. EVER.

If you work in fleet management, you are pretty darned busy. You don’t have time to sit around while your computer thinks about processing a job order. Right? Time is money, people!

Well, my busy bees… we’re about to make your day.

In the past week, T Dispatch has released an exceptional update to our auto-dispatching feature. You use it the same way as you did before, but there’s one major and stupendous difference: It’s now THE FASTEST THING YOU’VE EVER SEEN!





Previously, it took our system anything from 1 second to 2 minutes to send a job to the driver, depending on how many drivers were online and whether the first accepted it. There are many different factors that can influence this. But over the last 3 weeks, our software engineers have been fixing this and tweaking that, with one common goal: to achieve the fastest, most reliable auto-dispatch humanly possible.

No More Waiting for Auto-Dispatch

Today, it takes a mere fraction of a second between completing a booking and the job arriving in the driver’s app. Try it yourself – you’ll be amazed!

We’re called T Dispatch. And it’s great to be able to say that super fast dispatching is what we do best.