New Dispatch System Features, 2.0

What to Look Forward to in Your Dispatch System

Since the launch of T Dispatch 2.0 earlier this month, we’ve committed to launching new features every fortnight until we have the absolute best dispatch system for taxis, limousines and private hire companies across the globe.

This week, you can enjoy these sweet dispatch software feature updates in TD Pro 2.0:

Customisable Email Notifications

We now have default email templates available as an option in the dispatcher preferences. By creating an account with Mandrill, our new email provider, you can completely customise the email templates you send to customers. Whether you want to send them information on their booking status or simply say thanks for the custom, the choice is yours. This is a free service included in T Dispatch. If you use a different email provider, you can connect this using our webhooks.

Booking Edit & Notes

Bookings will now have a simple editing feature, as well as an extra ‘Notes’ field to add any additional information that you’d like to send to the driver or other dispatchers related to that particular booking.

cab booking software

Cab booking edit feature

Driver ETA to Passenger

We released this on the Android last month, and now it’s also available for iOS passenger apps. Watch the timer count down in real time as the driver approaches you, as well as seeing the driver’s vehicle and personal details.

Of course, there has also been a lot of work in the background to keep your dispatch system running fast and bug-free.

Coming Soon…

In the next fortnight we’ll be adding a fare input field to the driver app, allowing drivers who use a meter to enter the total price at the end of a journey. We’re also working on ‘Extras‘, which lets you customise your system with additional elements that update the fare (for example, you might charge extra for parking at the airport).

In addition to that, you’ll be able to enter Promo Codes, giving you the option to offer discounts to your loyal customers. They’ll be happy about that!