What’s Coming in Auto Dispatch?

Technology is always evolving. At T Dispatch we’re constantly looking to improve and innovate to drive transport technology forward.

We know auto dispatch is a very important feature for all of our clients. That’s why we’re working hard behind the scenes to make this something that not only serves the needs of our customers today, but is also ready for the future.

We wanted to let you know where we’re going with this feature and feel free to post your comments and suggestions here. After all, we’re building this for you so your feedback is essential for us to deliver exactly what you need to make your business grow.


In the list below there are numbered points highlighting the auto-dispatch future advancements, to always dispatch the bookings to right driver at the right time.

1. It uses a timeline to predict where the driver will be at certain time, dispatching the booking based on the distance from the driver to the pickup.
2. Keeps live position of all drivers in the system and their distance to next booking. That functionality is using Google tracking technology to provide the best service.
3. Updates the timeline in real time using different algorithms and fleet specific conditions.
4. Calculates the destination time of arrival to pre-dispatch bookings based on future locations and future availability.
5. Calculates if drivers are generally arriving late and saves data for future use, automatically increasing the window of time from dispatch to improve arrival times. This is based on live arrival times and historical data.
6. Prioritizes urgent bookings and account bookings to increase service quality.
7. Matches patterns in fake bookings to reduce fraud.
8. Reduces dead milage (time that the vehicle drives empty).
9. Uses live traffic information for route planning.

Fleet Capacity

We’re working on providing to you with a smarter way to take into account the fleet capacity and historic data while the system assigns the bookings to the drivers of your fleet. The following points give you a quick overview about upcoming factors we’ll take into consideration.

1. Calculates fleet capacity to carry bookings and warns controllers about more demand than drivers available.
2. Contacts drivers who are offline, advising that extra work is available.
a.Increases driver earnings to make it more beneficial to work at busy times, like holidays and weekends.



1. Uses historical data and event information to allocate drivers to busier areas.
2. Uses live trends to allocate drivers.
3. Uses live weather info to allocate drivers (more people book cabs when it rains!).

Transport Synchronization

Our dispatch system will integrate international flight numbers and trains times (in some limited countries during the first stage of implementation), such as the UK & US. We’re convinced that transport synchronization is a value that drivers will appreciate a lot.


1. Allows fleets to share passengers and drivers to increase the potential and availability of people willing to share.
a.Fees are agreed between fleets
2. Corporate ride-sharing

New progress has been made in the system and now our team is pursuing new ways to improve your companies. We’re happy to share our next aims with all of you.

Happy dispatching!

Xavi Blanché – T Dispatch team

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