United We Stand!

Worldwide Day of Action on Wednesday June 11th

Join us and hundreds of Berlin taxi drivers for a demonstration and rally to show our discontent with Black Car Services who don’t comply with local regulations. Some of those under scrutiny are WunderCar, UberPop, Lyft – all being contested by cab drivers who have spent decades serving the passenger transport industry.


We are fighting for:

  1. Laws to protect consumers and drivers
  2. Affordable prices
  3. Fair competition
  4. Equal rights and equal duties.

T Dispatch is all for new technology and innovation, but not at the expense of local business and regulations. Rather than usurping the existing transport providers, we want to empower them to innovate on fair terms.

Where & When?

Berlin – It all starts at 12:00 from Tegel Airport (Flughafen Tegel). Then we’ll head through Bahnhof Südkreuz, Hauptbahnhof  and meet in the Olympic Stadium (Olympischer Platz) grounds at 1pm.

Hamburg – drivers are also participating in this demonstration.They plan to rally in front of WunderCar’s headquarters at 2:30pm tomorrow!

Taxi and cab drivers all over the world are standing united to defend their established industry. Across the globe, cities such as London, Paris, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels, Milan, Chicago, Sao Paulo are also participating in this June 11th demonstration.

Join us all tomorrow, Wednesday June 11th from 1pm at the Olympic Stadium.

How to get there:

Olympiastadion Berlin , Olympischer Platz 3, 14053 Berlin

We’ll be ready – see you there!

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