Reach Out to Your Customers

These days, telephone isn’t the only way to reach your customers. More and more fleets are launching websites and mobile apps where passengers can book quickly and easily. It’s a great way to raise brand awareness.

Rather than charging an arm and a leg for template with your logo on it, we decided that all of our clients, large or small, should be able to have their own booking apps.

Your Booking Website

Online bookings have become a part of everyday life – whether it’s for trains, planes, hotels or taxis. At T Dispatch, we offer our PHP source code for you to adapt however you like, so it’s yours to own. If you want to keep the cost low just add your logo; but if you prefer something completely bespoke, any web designer can create it using our code.

Open Source App

Quality smartphone apps come at a high cost. Some cab companies have paid up to £20,000! But we want to change that. We’ve invested our time and skills into creating a beautiful, open source app for Android and iPhone. Using this code, all you need to do is brand and submit it to the app store.


Xavi Blanché – T Dispatch team

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