A New Face for Fleet Management

It’s no secret that minicab, limousine and taxi fleet management has changed exponentially over the last 5 years. The technological advancements have been staggering – not only for online dispatch software, but for web and smartphone booking apps too.

One important part of these advancements is the design interface and user experience. Not only do you need make your consumer-facing products aesthetically pleasing, but they should also be simple to use, navigate and interact with.

As a technology company, our team at T Dispatch always keep UI and UX in the front of our minds, eager to present the high standard of quality that we aspire to. That’s why we have completely overhauled our website, giving it a totally new look and feel! This remodelling is a work in progress and will be ongoing for a few more weeks, but from our homepage you can see that we’ve got a new face for fleet management; sleek, modern and concise.


New Web Design, New White-label Taxi Apps

It’s not only our website that’s been designed. Our white-label passenger app has also been completely redesigned to give an UBER-like experience at a low cost, along with more options for your users. Now you can give customers promo codes for discounts, and soon we’re releasing post-payment (so your driver can enter the total fare from a meter, and charge the card after the ride is complete). You also have options to book ASAP or in advance, with or without a drop-off destination to generate a quote or fare.

Passenger App

Staying on top of current design styles can make a big impact on your customer retention, so make sure you check out the latest from T Dispatch. Existing clients can update their app designs any time; just get in touch with us if you’d like to benefit from this improvement.

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