How to Keep Customers Coming Back

Are Your Passengers Loyal?

There once was a time when all you needed to find a cabbie was a copy of the Yellow Pages. For minicab companies and executive car services, a simple paid advert in your local directory would keep the phone ringing and the customers coming. But times have changed. Now people can go online and browse hundreds of websites, or download an app for every different type of transportation they might want. So how can you keep your customers coming back again and again, when there’s so much choice at their fingertips?

First Impressions

They say that first impressions are made within seven seconds of meeting someone. Your drivers are who represent your business, so it’s up to them to be friendly, approachable and well presented. Even if they arrive on time, a customer can quickly be put off if they’re greeted with a scowl. That person has already found you and placed a booking, so now it’s time to deliver. Make sure your vehicles are clean and well maintained, and that the drivers are familiar with your policies on how to greet your customers.


It never hurts to hold the door…

It’s All About the Service

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the most important thing for client retention is delivering a good service. That goes right from a dispatcher taking a phone call right through to the follow up after a booking is completed. People want to use a service that is hassle free, on time and a comfortable ride. But with so many competitors vying for their business, it’s also important to make the customer feel valued. Treat them with consideration, and perhaps follow up with an automated SMS to thank them for booking. Careful not to bombard them with too many notifications though! Some transportation providers also offer promo codes or offers as an incentive to refer a friend or come back again.

Easy Booking Methods

A great way to attract customers to any service is to lower the barrier to entry; make it as simple as possible for them to place a booking with you. That means you should be available via multiple channels; a free or local phone number, a website, an app and also partnerships with other services, such as hotels and event venues. Using T Dispatch as your fleet management software lets you aggregate all these channels into one platform, so you can easily manage your incoming bookings. If you don’t yet have a website and smartphone apps, it’s definitely time to rejuvenate your business! These tools can help you win, and keep, corporate accounts, rivalling the newest competitors in the market.