Introducing the GPS Taxi Meter

It has been a busy start to the year in the T Dispatch offices; in January we closed down the legacy system; a necessary measure allowing progress to continue in T Dispatch 2.0. Now we are beginning to see the fruits of our labours, with multiple new features being released over the next few weeks. As well as some general improvements coming up in the driver app, we have also been working on a GPS taxi meter that allows you to calculate the fare based on time and distance while the passenger is in the car, then charge their credit card (or take cash) at the end of the journey. Previously, our system only allowed credit card payments for pre-booked rides, where the fare was calculated in advance.

With this GPS taxi meter, you can match the type of service that UBER offers. Passengers simply need two taps to set their pickup location in your branded booking app, and your driver can collect them without knowing the destination in advance.

The distance + time calculation can be changed any time in your Pricing settings, but do be aware of local regulations which may dictate your tariffs. There are some areas of the world where use of a GPS is forbidden, and only officially issued taxi meters may be used for licensed drivers – but where this feature is allowed, T Dispatch can help you compete against the big boys. If not, drivers can also enter the official meter fare into our app to take credit card payment at the end of the trip.


When Can I Use the GPS Taxi Meter?

We are currently beta testing this feature with some selected clients, following successful trials in house. Assuming all goes to plan, you will be able to benefit from this clever tool in 1 – 2 weeks.

Allowing the customer’s card to be charged at the end of a journey (we call this ‘post-payment’) means that your driver can also have the authority to update the fare with additional costs incurred, such as parking fees, tolls and large luggage. You will always be able to edit this in the settings of your dispatch system.

Don’t forget – you can also offer promotional discounts to your loyal customers; go to Preferences > Vouchers in your system to set up values for free credits.

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