Scheduled Server Downtime in your Dispatching Software


On 23rd of February we have an impressive announcement to your Dispatch software: we update our servers to provide you the best market technology for your Dispatch software, in order to give you the best service for your clients, making a major improvement to our software offering: we will update our servers to further improve our reliability and operational speed, in order to give you the best service for your clients.

Our infrastructure upgrade will be completed by tomorrow 23rd of February 2016 between 9AM and 12 AM GMT so probably the system will outage for a half an hour between 10 AM and 10.30 AM GMT. In the past few weeks you might have noticed an increment in the response time of your dispatching system, caused by a massive usage of our traffic in the system.

In an increasingly connected market as it is the field of “dispatching”, the software technology used by all the actors must be up to date. Because of that, the leading dispatching software company T Dispatch is facing new exciting changes in to their technology to provide high standardized software to all of our international clients.

With the aim of providing the best service to our clients and a better transparency in our communications with our customers our server update will bring important features in the next weeks to your dispatching app.

The modernization of our technology will bring us massive improvements in your dispatching platform will bring important features to your dispatching app like the personalization of our pricing configuration bringing a better performance in the billing platform usage.

We have listened our clients and with the aim of improving our service and increasing the service of the apps of our clients, the increment of our service brings a completely new world of customized options in your dispatching app.

Your dispatching app better with T Dispatch.